About Alison Brydle

Certified Personal Training Just for Mature Women


I have always been an active person, from riding and showing quarter horses to teaching aerobics classes. In 2003 I became a certified personal trainer at the age of 53. I think it is extremely important as we enter our third age to feel strong and energetic, and one of the steps to achieving this is exercising properly, and regularly.

Why I specialize in fitness training mature women

My job is to simplify the process, and help my clients realize that getting in shape is easier than they thought and it can be fun too! I show them how to exercise safely so they don't hurt themselves, and to realize that health and fitness is a lifestyle, not the latest fad. You see, after the age of 50 we lose 1% of our muscle mass every year, that’s 10% a decade! Strength training can slow down or reverse this process. I work out a couple of times a week, & do lots of other activities, from house work, gardening, to running agility courses with my dog, and I’m in my late 60’s.

Take a look at how my personal training can help you!

My philosophy of training

I also understand the importance of receiving praise & encouragement for what you are doing, and to celebrate all of your victories, whether small or large. I am very passionate about what I do and feel privileged to share my clients’ journeys with them, it gives me a sense of achievement and fulfillment and motivates me to get up and meet the day!

Making personal training easy for mature women

When I became a personal fitness trainer, I realized that many women felt uncomfortable in the gym environment, and I wanted to provide them with either:

  • a private studio to work out in which was not intimidating
  • or I go to my client’s home

My qualifications

I am a BCRPA Registered, Certified Personal Fitness & Third Age (55year+) Trainer who has lived in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, for 30 years.

What Alison's Customers say
  • Working with Alison has helped me change my life. I now feel healthier, stronger and overall much happier with myself. And, I am getting real results: I have had to have all my pants taken in! Thanks for your knowledge, motivation and encouragement Alison!
  • Alison keeps me motivated and makes sure I get maximum benefit for the time spent.
  • Alison encourages me to challenge myself, and keeps evolving my routine to keep things interesting.

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