Alison's Personal Fitness Studio

I have an excellent selection of weights and equipment that will help you reach your goals. Read about our equipment below with descriptions of each piece and how they will benefit your workout program.


Free Weight

Benefits of training with free weights:

•  Greater muscle strength
•  Improved muscle tone and appearance
•  Enhanced bone density
•  Women develop a firm(toned) physique and increased strength

When muscle mass increases through weight training the body's Basal Metabolic rate increases, which promotes long term fat burning!

Training with free weights also has functional benefits such as:

Weights 2

•  Improved posture
•  Better joint support
•  Helps prevent osteoporosis
•  Can improve mood and counter feeling of depression
•  Improves flexibility
•  Improves balance

Use of free weight allows you to target a particular muscle group, but also uses other muscles in your body for help. As these helping muscles get stronger, you will be able to increase the amount of weight you use to train. The helping muscles stabilize and maintain posture during your workout, Which in turn improves your profile, making you look taller and slimmer!



You can walk or run, go up hills or on the level... Cardio training will burn body fat, and improve cardio-vascular function. Combined with weight training you will gain strength, endurance and have more energy!


Cable Machine

Works specific muscle, but like free weights causes you to use other muscles to help maintain proper posture during exercise. You can tone your whole body !


Stability Balls and Bosu

Help increase strength and improve balance and flexibility!

What Alison's Customers say
  • Working with Alison has helped me change my life. I now feel healthier, stronger and overall much happier with myself. And, I am getting real results: I have had to have all my pants taken in! Thanks for your knowledge, motivation and encouragement Alison!
  • Alison keeps me motivated and makes sure I get maximum benefit for the time spent.
  • Alison encourages me to challenge myself, and keeps evolving my routine to keep things interesting.

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