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Alison Brydle is a personal trainer for mature women throughout the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. With my expertise and passion to help, you can sleep soundly when you make the decision to embark on a new path of health and fitness ... just one step at a time!

Alison Brydle, Certified Personal Trainer

Why fitness training matter more as you age.

After the age of 50 we lose 1% of our muscle mass every year. Strength training can stop this muscle loss, or even reverse it. My role is to put you on the right program for your age and fitness level and then I keep changing it up as you progress and become stronger. My present clients range in age from the mid-forties to the mid-60s, and I am the oldest of the bunch. But the sky’s the limit!

My fitness philosophy

While the reasons we may have had to work out when we were younger may have focused on weight control & looking good, now, as we get older it's important to think about how exercise can keep us moving and able to carry out the "activities of daily living".

An example is being able to carry your grocery bags from the store to the car & load & unload them easily. Retaining the ability to lift a 4 litre jug of milk with one hand, or lift your full body weight out of the tub with ease, or getting out of the car after a long drive without feeling like the creaking tin man are the day to day benefits of staying fit & strong.

Being able to move quickly and maintain balance when a misstep is taken.

It doesn’t sound like much, but if we want to continue doing the activities we’ve always enjoyed, then we need to work at it.

Just keep doing it!

There's a brain bonus.

Since my programs evolve for everyone you will be learning new movement patterns. It’s like learning a new language, so while you exercise your body you are also building new synapsis in the your brain.

How I can help you.

If you have a home gym, or one in your apartment or townhouse complex, I can come to you. Or, you can come to my home gym. I am located in Langley.


What my clients say about my fitness programs.

"I knew that when I turned 60 that I had better get into some kind of strength program. In particular, after a few wobbly leg swings over my bike, I decided that my core strength was absolutely necessary. I did not want to topple over and break a hip. I have been working out with Alison for a couple of years and my balance, core strength and annoying aches and pains have disappeared. This is my best investment."